WooCommerce Extra Product Options
WooCommerce Extra Product Options
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WooCommerce Extra Product Options

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  • Supports check-boxes, radio buttons, select boxes, text-areas, input boxes, upload, date, range picker, color picker and product elements.More field types will be available soon!
  • Global enabled options.
  • Enable or disable the plugin and global options for specific roles
  • Enable extra options in shop and category view
  • Hide add-to-cart button until an option is chosen
  • Control the placement of the options and totals box
  • Enable or disable a floating totals box to show the selected options
  • Alter many plugin strings directly from the control panel
  • Validation features
  • Form Fields Builder
  • Show your options from outside WooCommerce product screen using action hooks
  • Choice between fixed or percentage price increase
  • Limit check-box selection
  • Exact selection feature for check-boxes
  • Import/export functions to forms.
  • Lazy load images for radios and check-boxes.
  • Change product image for radios and check-boxes.
  • Price per character feature for text-fields and text-areas.
  • Extra styling for radios and check-boxes.
  • Performance increase for big number of options.
  • Image replacement for check-boxes and radio button on Global Options
  • Choose the grid display for check-boxes and radio button for Global Options
  • Hide or show prices
  • Display sections options as a pop up
  • Conditional logic for fields and sections within the form builder.


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WooCommerce Extra Product Options v5.1 Free Download [GPL]


👉 Does default WooCommerce Extra Products functionality is not meet your needs?

👉 Are you looking to provide flexibility product options to sell a product? use Extra product options for WooCommerce Plugin

Extra product options for WooCommerce Plugin allows you to add extra options (17+ field types) price fields to your WooCommerce products. Easy way to add custom fields as per your business requirement.

From a simple gift wrap option through to complex PC configurations, extra product options are a proven way for you, as a WooCommerce store owner, to increase your profits.

Extra Product options are much easier, more flexible, and faster to use than variable products. Instead of generating thousands of variations, Enable customers to customize products with additional options such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, and more. You can add extra product options to selected Products or selected Categories.


🔑 Generate more sales
🔑 Increase the profit margin
🔑 Stand out from the competition
🔑 No need for higher inventory costs
🔑 Better customer insight
🔑 Increase customer loyalty
🔑 Power the online business


Check how woocommerce product custom options are created!


  • Text – Add one line of text
  • Hidden
  • Number – To accept numbers (both decimal or whole numbers)
  • Password
  • Telephone
  • Email – To accept only email addresses
  • Textarea
  • Select (drop-down) – To select one option from a list
  • Multiple Select
  • Checkboxes – Select one or many options from a list
  • Checkbox Groups
  • Radio – Select from a list using radio buttons – Demo
  • Date Picker – Select a date from a calendar
  • Time Picker
  • Color Picker – Select a color form a dropdown
  • Heading
  • Paragraph – Add additional text to the product


  • Before Add To Cart Button
  • After Add To Cart Button
  • Pro – Before Variation Data (for variable products)

➡️ View Demo ⬅️


  • Add 17+ types of extra custom product fields in WooCommerce Product Page
  • Add extra custom fields for the selected product and selected categories
  • Manage Required or optional fields
  • Add prices to options
  • Allow multiple attributes to be selected in the same option
  • Easy to Use
  • Drag & Drop
  • Use with or without prices
  • Show/hide prices
  • Manage labels, values, placeholders, and CSS classes for each field
  • Duplicate the extra product custom field or groups of fields
  • Edit, Remove, Enable, or disable the extra product fields easily
  • Dynamic product price: Change the price depending on a field value(s)
  • Visibility options: decide on which product(s) to show your fields
  • Set prices for each option value
  • Make options mandatory for selection
  • Display selected values on checkout, order info pages, and in the order emails


  • Simple Product
  • Variable products over ajax

➡️ View Demo ⬅️


💁 Types of extra options for WooCommerce Product

  • Pro – File upload – allowing your customers to upload (multiple) files.
  • Pro – URL – To accept only links (URLs)
  • Pro – True/false – A “yes/no” checkbox
  • Pro – Image swatches – multi and single choice options with images.
  • Pro – Color swatches – multi and single color options.
  • Pro – Text swatches – text options.
  • Pro – Paragraph – so you can add content and shortcodes to your product page.
  • Pro – Image – to add images.
  • Pro – HTML
  • Upload Field – To collect files from users which can be images, Videos, Documents, and anything that is supported by WordPress.

💎 Custom Price Fields – Pro

Allow setting the price of your custom product fields. and this price will be added to the product total based on the field value. it is useful when you want to charge an additional fee for your additional services. Multiple wany you can set price.

  • Fixed: Set a fixed price for the extra field. This fixed amount will be added to the total product price upon selecting the addon.
  • Pro – Percentage: Set a percentage price for extra field. This percentage amount will be added to the total product price upon selecting the addon.
  • Pro – Custom: User will enter the price and It will be added to the product price. like getting donations, tips, and similar things.
  • Pro – Percentage of Product Price: Set the addon price in percentage. It will calculate the product price and added to the product price.
  • Pro – Dynamic: Set the price per ‘n’ number of units/ quantity. Addon price will be calculated for the total number of units/ quantity selected by the customer and added to the product price.

💎 Conditionally Display Fields According To Relevance

with this option, you can set extra fields ” Display Rules ” based on a number of conditions. You will be able to control the field display easily by adding different conditions based on the following.

  • Pro – All Product
  • Products
  • Categories
  • Pro – Tags
  • Pro – User roles
  • Pro – Other Fields values
  • Pro – Date picker and time picker
  • Pro – Product variations
  • Pro – Product quantity


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