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Schema Premium v1.2.6.1 Free Download [With All Addons]
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Schema Premium v1.2.6.1 Free Download [With All Addons]

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Fast, lightweight plugin that allows you to add structured data markups in JSON-LD format in a recommended format to WordPress websites.

Improved Presentation of Search Results by including relevant structured data to the content on your site, you can improve its search results and its presentation.

Visit the Website of the plugin for more details as well as the documentation.


Schema markup is a code (semantic vocabulary) that you add to your site to assist search engines provide more relevant results to the users. Therefore, Schema isn’t solely for SEO reasons but also beneficial to the user.

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Schema Premium

Have you ever wondered how websites can get those special rich snippets that appear on Google’s search results? The stars, business hours, star ratings images, and all the additional goodies. This Schema Pro review you will learn how you can easily add them.

Like anyone else will inform anyone, making sure that people are paying attention to you is crucial for anyone looking to establish a strong online presence.

If you’re trying to inform people about the availability of a job or show off a dish or showcase a product for your company You’ll need to be different from the rest.

The first thing that users will see on Google search results is the website’s small snippet. Since the snippet acts as the primary link between your website and people you wish to welcome to it I would suggest you look at the Schema PRO plugin for WordPress.

Schema PRO Review

Schema markup is a program that can add microdata to webpages that creates a rich snippet of information in Google SERP. is an organization that is comprised of Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo which was established to aid search engines know your site’s content.

The purpose of this is when someone searches for something it will return only the relevant result. Schema markups can make your website more attractive by providing rich snippets in your site’s title.

A schema snippet could contain a date of publication or star ratings, perhaps an image as well as an meta description. If you do not provide the meta descriptions, Google will make an own description generally by stealing a few paragraphs from the content of your website. This is the reason why using the Schema PRO plug-in for WordPress is crucial to the success of your site.


Your website not only must prove to be an authority on the subject you’re interested in However, you also need to ensure that search engines know what you have to offer on your website.

If users are searching for the kind of content that you offer, Google can match their searches to your site. Rich snippets typically are beneficial to all. They can help you get a better rankings, and assist Google to determine relevancy to ensure that they provide the most effective results.

With the recent updates Google is implementing and implementing, this will only continue to get more important. These updates are intended to ensure that users will get higher-quality results for their searches.

So, Schema PRO will give your site the kind of microdata which demonstrates the high-quality, which means your website will get a higher rank in organic search results.

It’s important to remember it is that search engines will ultimately decide rich snippets of content the only thing schema plugins add microdata to your website. However, this, along with high-quality content and a good authority , will greatly help.


Why should you use Schema PRO as Your Schema plugin for WordPress?

There are many WordPress plugins that are available, and choosing the wrong one can harm you and render all your efforts in vain. Schema PRO is one of them. Schema PRO software is highly praised by me and many other users of WordPress.

It’s ideal for those with no knowledge of programming or code since it allows you to create data with little effort. All you need to do is select the kind of schema that you’d like and then select the posts and pages you would like to include markup for. You can select the pages that you want to exclude or include.

Although your site probably contains information, schema allows you to create a map of your existing information and also add codes to fields that contain data such as title, author, date category, image and.

Schema Pro is a premium option by the same source as The All in One Schema Rich Snippets extension. It assists you in adding the correct JSON-LD schema marksup to your website. But it does it uniquely.

Most other plugins use schema markups by creating new content, typically in the form of an overview box or a box that contains additional schema information.

Schema Pro doesn’t do this. You can instead apply schema markup to existing content. There’s no need for an additional review box.

This is done using mapping of your current content as well as specific fields into the kind of schema markup that you would like to include. The developers have designed an easy interface to make the process simple.

After installing the plug-in, it provides you a handy configuration wizard that lets you set up the basic general schemas for your website including social profiles as well as breadcrumbs.

To add schema markup to specific content, first choose the type of schema markup to include out of the 13 categories of schema.




You then decide the content you want you wish to focus on. You can either target all posts/pages/custom post types. Also, you can exclude specific content types.




Once you’ve completed this, you’ll be able to add the various markup options onto existing fields, or specific fields with the drop-downs.


Schema PRO Markup Types for Plugin Markup

Schema PRO is an extension for WordPress that allows you to create schema markups on your site in an hour. The plugin includes 13 types of schema markups to suit any kind of SEO you require.


REVIEW SCHEMA REVIEW SCHEMA If you write reviews of things such as films, books, tech food and more. If so, the Schema PRO plugins review feature can be particularly helpful.




Utilizing Review Schema for WordPress, your SERP snippets of content will appear extremely professional and could include photos reviews, ratings, price choices as well as a short description as well as the hyperlink to the complete review.


Local Business Schema LOCAL BUSINESS SCHEMA For creating your local business appear professional in the search results Business schema markup can be a valuable tool. This plugin makes your snippet appear at the high on the Google search results for maps to help your business stand out from other businesses.




This can help your business attract customers and improve your search engine optimization.


Article SCHEMA ARTICLE SCHEMA For bloggers, writers or authors. This Article Schema feature can be great for showcasing your work. It displays articles from sites which are relevant to searches, and also shows particular pieces.




You are able to choose the blogs or articles that you’re comfortable with including in Google’s SERP.


Service Schema If you offer services such as home improvements or car care travel, digital marketing etc. You can make use of the markup markup markup for services to display additional information that gives customers an idea of what you offer and allows people to engage you immediately.




PRODUCT Schema If you have an eCommerce site, or you’re a company that sells products You can use these markups that display the products, reviews, pricing and availability, to draw people to the page.




CHEMA FOR COURSE Show all the details you need and be found by students searching for courses similar to yours.




PERSON schema – The schema markup will allow you to add more details about yourself and organize it in a way that appears professional and is positive about you.



RECIPE SCHEMA –For recipes using the schema PRO plugin, it allows you to include ingredients, calories reviews, cooking times, and much more. This gives your site a modern and elegant appearance.




JOB posting SCHEMA — For finding the perfect candidate for the job The job posting schema lets you provide information about jobs directly in the search snippets and make the process as easy as it can be.




Schema PRO for WordPress includes all of these functions as in addition to those for books, software videos, events, people course, products and services, making it an all-in-one solution for anything you’re required to accomplish.


SOFTWARE Application Schema –Use schema markups to your software applications, to ensure that the details of your application appear effectively in search results.




Book SCHEMA –Make it easier for users to find books and authors in search results.




EVENT SCHEMAWhatever the event it is possible to use this markup to draw attention to visitors to discover the event and attend it as well.




VIDEO OOBJECT SCHEMAYou can utilize Video object schema markup in order to provide viewers with quick details about the video.




Schema PRO Features

Schema PRO is a Schema PRO software is great for giving websites a stunning design. The visual appeal of your short snippet are not just good to make your site appear stylish and appealing to the attention of visitors and attention, but Google puts more weight on websites that appear to be more likely to attract clicks.

This implies this means that Schema PRO will help you climb in the SERP simply by improving the attractiveness of your site.

By using this Schema PRO plugin, your snippet will show reviews cost, features, costs and other pertinent information, instead of the URL and a brief description.

Snippets created using Schema PRO can increase the amount of organic clicks your site gets, which shows Google that your website is trustworthy. You can also allow users to vote on visitors rank, but this is a feature that can be turned off.

It is possible to utilize schema snippets on all post since it was created to accommodate all types of post. It is possible to set schema on every page, too.

Schema PRO fulfills all of Google’s requirements and rules by utilizing highly optimized, simple code that uses JSON-LD technology.

This WordPress plugin lets you create schema fields in any way you like and can support customized fields. This is able to be expanded with any information you wish to display.


Schema PRO Pricing

Schema PRO is a highly affordable and cost-effective plugin that I believe is well worth the cost. In essence, there are two pricing choices. You can purchase the product for one year or purchase it for the rest of your life.


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