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GeneratePress Premium Theme v2.1.2
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GeneratePress Premium Theme v2.1.2

Original price was: ₹100.00.Current price is: ₹2.00.

  • Responsive design
  • Lightweight and clean codes
  • Recommended for Client projects
  • Fast loading speed
  • Focused on performance
  • Highly secure and stable
  • No render-blocking issues
  • Optimized for search engine bots
  • Schema markup
  • 25+ ready to use site library
  • 60+ color options
  • Beautiful typography options
  • WooCommerce support
  • Sticky navigation menu
  • Padding and margin settings option
  • Infinite scroll
  • Featured image support with custom settings
  • Secondary navigation menu support
  • Its Own small page builder
  • Six layout options
  • Seven post formats support – Standard, Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, and Status
  • Custom hooks and headers
  • Allows you to deactivate modules that you don’t need
  • Real-time customization options


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You can create very good websites and eye-catching websites by doing it on Elementor page builder with generate press theme.

GP Premium is a plugin for the GeneratePress theme, which takes your site to the next level by adding premium modules support. You can easily create a unique layout for any niche site using the GeneratePress Premium theme.

It gives you full control of layout, colors, typography, navigation, spacing (padding and margin), copyright message, and lots of other things.

If you don’t want to spend time on customization, then no need to worry, GP Premium allows you to import up to 25+ pre-built layouts in just one click from your WordPress dashboard.

  • Updated responsive widths in Customizer.
  • Fixed sticky navigation jump when navigation branding is in use.
  • Fixed visible block editor when Sections are enabled.
  • Added object-fit to images using height only.
  • Sections: Fix visible block editor when Sections are enabled.
  • Translation: Updated Finnish.
  • Menu Plus: Improve consistency of overlay off-canvas panel focus when opening with the keyboard.
  • Remove existing on-the-fly featured image resizer (Image Processing Queue).
  • Use CSS to further resize featured images if necessary.
  • Changed scroll variable to gpscroll in smooth scroll script to avoid conflicts.
  • Some other WooCommerce and Translation related improvements and bug fixes.


GeneratePress Review: A Quick Introduction

GeneratePress is a multi-purpose WordPress theme, meaning you can modify it to any niche of your website.

As per, GeneratePress is active on more than 100,000 websites and also has maintained an impressive 5 star rating on more than 692 of its reviews..

The GeneratePress theme’s core GeneratePress theme is free. There’s also the GeneratePress Premium version. The GeneratePress Premium version is technically a plug-in that is installed alongside the theme that you can download for free. The theme is enhanced with an additional feature.

What GeneratePress Is Good For…

GeneratePress is the ideal choice for those who value performance and would like to tailor and control the way their website looks.

It is possible to build GeneratePress perform nearly everything. In addition, since GeneratePress has a strong focus on performance, your site that you design will be built with an excellent foundation that will speed up loading.

This is why people who design WordPress websites for an income are in love with GeneratePress. It’s typically paired with the WordPress website builder to use to build virtually any kind of website.

For instance, GeneratePress can look like this:

It could appear like this:

Maybe or this:

Yes, three of these websites use GeneratePress.

But GeneratePress Might Not Be A Good Fit If…

…you are looking for an item that can immediatelylook amazing right from the box.

If, for instance, you’re certain that you’d like to start a fashion blog, you may prefer the right niche theme designed specifically to cater specifically for bloggers who are fashion-conscious.

Although GeneratePress has become a lot more user-friendly because of its built-in Site Library, GeneratePress is still a bit basic the first time you install it.

Here’s an example of the look of a fresh installation from will look like. You’ll observe that it’s not similar to the 3 GeneratePress examples I showed you earlier:

In order to change the way GeneratePress appear the way you would like for it, you’ll probably be required to modify things. While the main benefit of GeneratePress is how flexible it is but some users, particularly those who aren’t experienced, don’t enjoy the idea of making those changes by themselves.

5 GeneratePress Features That Make It Unique

Here are a few particular features that help explain why GeneratePress is so well-liked.

1. Optimized Performance And Fast Page Load Times

In all the features it offers, GeneratePress consistently puts a concentration on high-performance and clear code. The theme’s total size is smaller than 30 kb which is the smallest size you can get for the size of a WordPress theme. However, the majority of themes that are optimised WordPress theme are still more than 200 kB. Some poorly coded themes could even be more than 1 MB!

GeneratePress is also free of code dependencies, helping you avoid rendering blocker error Google Pagespeed Insights often mentions.

When you combine all of that, you’ll have a super-fast loading theme. What is the speed? For you to get an estimate I did a quick test.

In the beginning, I set up an unfinished website using an unknown popular theme (Envo Magazine). After checking its performance using Pingdom and Pingdom, I found that it:

  • Awarded a performance grade of 77.
  • The page loaded in 1.05 second
  • The page’s size was 243.9 Kb
  • We had 15 request


This isn’t bad in any way! However, GeneratePress could do better.

Then, I enabled GeneratePress to that same website without altering any other settings. Here’s what GeneratePress performed:

  • Scored 87 10 points higher than the previous grade.
  • The load was completed in 666 milliseconds 37% faster
  • The page’s size was 26.8 kB.~90 percent smaller
  • Have nine requests.~40% fewer

If you do the same test on different themes, you’ll continue to observe that GeneratePress is among the most responsive WordPress themes available.

2. Lots Of Customization Options In The Real-Time WordPress Customizer

Beyond performance, another area in which GeneratePress excels is in the possibility of customizing it.

GeneratePress utilizes its WordPress Customizer for customization, which is easy since you’ll view all changes you make in real-time.

GeneratePress’s free version GeneratePress provides adequate options, however, when you’re using GeneratePress Premium it will allow you to modify almost every aspect of your website.

For instance, if enter the Layoutarea You can then set the settings of your layout:

  • HeaderYou are able to alter the appearance of your header by moving it around and alter its style
  • Navigation Navigation in HTML0 GeneratePress offers two distinct navigation options, which include sticky menus
  • Layout of the sidebaryou may make use of two or one sidebars
  • Layout of blog postsas the featured image’s dimensions, metadata, etc.
  • Footer Layout including how many widgets you can include


In the same way, the area for Typography area lets you manage the font used for each component on your website such as buttons:

You also have an extensive area for controlling the color of each component on your website.

Overall, GeneratePress will give you many more options for customization within the WordPress Customizer than most other themes. The level of detail could be a bit overwhelming for those who are just beginning. However, once you’ve learned how settings work you’ll have complete control over how your website appears.

3. Page-Level Settings Give You Detailed Control Over Each Piece Of Content

For most themes, every page and post will have similar settings to the majority portion. There may be some customized templates or formats however, you won’t have much control over this.

GeneratePress alters this by offering you a brand-new layout meta box that is available for every single page and post:

This metabox to do:

  • Modify how many sidebars you have on your site or the sidebar’s orientation (like switching the sidebar from left to right)
  • Select the number of footer widgets to apply
  • You can disable certain elements, such as your navigation menu, header the post featured image title of your post, footer
  • Create a unique “container” for your page builder

The place these controls can be the most beneficial is when using the WordPress Page Builder.

When you disable certain elements, you’ll be capable of creating the perfect basis for your page builder’s design making it simple to build custom content as required.

4. Pre-Made Starter Sites Make It Easier To Design Your Site

At one time, it was necessary to create GeneratePress websites using the ground up, whatever it was, making the theme difficult for non-technical users to create.

In the spring of 2018, however the developer released an updated site library feature to GeneratePress Premium customers that let you import any among GeneratePress Premium’s 25+ demo websites.

They can be imported directly through Your WordPress dashboard:

After the process of import, your website will appear exactly as the demo site:


Yes, this site employs GeneratePress! All I had to do was click a couple of buttons to import a demo website.

5. Other Helpful Premium Extensions, Plus A Modular Approach

In addition to giving you additional style options within The WordPress Customizer, GeneratePress Premium includes a variety of other useful features, including:

  • Elements A unique feature that allows you to create customized hooks and page headers as well as layout layouts.
  • Page Header – lets you create a unique page header on a per-page basis.
  • SectionsThis is a kind of like a light page creating. It allows you to create distinct “sections” on a page each with its particular layout and column configurations.

To keep it light, GeneratePress also gives you an easy-to-use interface in which you can choose the features you wish to enable:

So you don’t have to slow your site to accommodate a feature will never be used.

GeneratePress Pricing: Affordable And Works On Unlimited Sites

The base GeneratePress theme is free to download at

However, if you’re seriously considering using GeneratePress I believe it’s best to purchase GeneratePress Premium. GeneratePress Premium plugin because this is what makes the theme so adaptable. The free version isn’t going to give you as many options within the WordPress Customizer. You also won’t be able to count on the pre-designed Site Library.

GeneratePress Premium is relatively inexpensive. It’s only $39.95, and that allows you to use the software on unlimited websites. Additionally, you’ll get an additional 40% off for renewing to receive updates and support after one calendar year ( you can, however, use GeneratePress for the next year, without having to renew and you’ll not receive any upgrades).

If you think about the most expensive premium WordPress theme can cost approximately $ 60, GeneratePress offers a great price.

Final Thoughts On The GeneratePress Theme

Like I said I don’t believe GeneratePress is for everyone.

If you are looking for specific niche themes it is possible to save money by purchasing the right theme to meet the requirements of your niche right from the beginning.

However, if you’re willing change the settings of your site, GeneratePress’ style controls let you make it into any kind of WordPress website. Perhaps, you’ll be able to locate an existing site that is suitable for your needs and save time.

It’s also one of the most fast-loading WordPress themes you can discover. If you’re seeking the highest performance possible choosing GeneratePress for your WordPress website’s basis is an excellent choice.


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