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Best Blogging Platforms

If you’re writing blogs as an interest or even starting an online blog for your business, the advantages of blogging are limitless. It’s a fantastic method to increase visitors to your site to build authority and let your personality shine through. We’ve run hundreds of blogs in the past 10 years with every kind of blogging tool available to humanity. Based on our experience, Wix is the best blogging platform since it’s extremely simple to use. It has more than 1000 professionally designed templates and a fully functional mobile application, and an extensive free plan which you can utilize to begin.

The 5 Most Best Blogging Platform Options to Consider:

When It Makes Sense to mainly Invest Into a Blogging Platform
Anyone wanting to publish content online requires a blogging platform. Without one, there is no way to publish your blog posts.

However, based on your situation and the reason for your blog, the cost isn’t much other than time and a small amount of money every month.

Alternately, you can create your blog for free when you want to do it for enjoyment or express yourself. It’s also a great option for those who want to experiment before investing any money. However, free platforms can be a problem when earning money through your blog since they’re less professional and restricted.

In the final analysis, blogging can help establish your brand online, whether you’re using it for business or personal use. Your blog platform will be the foundation for everything you do going forward.

Even if you’ve never published blog posts or created an online presence before now and you’re looking to invest in a blog system, it is the initial step towards creating your blog.

It’s never too late (or not too early or) to start.

1 – Wix — The Best Blogging Platform for Most

Wix is a drag-and-drop blogging platform that’s great for new bloggers and anyone who has never created websites before.

The Wix claim to its fame is how simple it is to begin to use it regularly. If you’ve tried to make websites previously and failed, then you’re aware of how difficult and overwhelming the process can be. From creating your homepage and optimizing images to creating an identity, and then publishing your very first site, there’s a lot you need to know.

The best part is Wix makes everything easier. Additionally, it’s enjoyable to use.

It comes with a drag-and-drop editor that will instantly transform you into an expert in design. The editor lets you create every page and bring even the most imaginative design concepts to life in only a couple of minutes.

The greatest part is that it doesn’t need to be a programmer to create a professional-looking website. Contrary to other solutions, it’s just a matter of dropping and dragging. Making a professional-looking website can take less than five minutes using their artificial design intelligence tool. It handles most of the work, including adding menus, pages, and layouts that are pre-built on your site with just only a couple of clicks.

You can also use an of Wix’s 975+ professionally designed templates. They’re modern and sleek and well-designed right out of the bag.

Once you have that, you can include a blog on your website and begin writing. It’s that simple.

A blog is all about being imaginative, being authentic, being your thoughts, and having fun, especially if you’re looking to grow it into an enterprise. Therefore making use of your voice and making changes to your blog isn’t difficult and fun.

With Wix, it is possible to have many creative options and templates to begin. You can then modify the template by using your imagination.

In addition, it’s simple to:

Create new posts
Edit post content
Be careful with your comments
Make sure to share your posts via social media
There are more than twelve business tools to aid you in marketing your new blog and get your content to the right target audience. From basic email marketing capabilities, including a drag-and-drop editor for emails as well as a logo maker and the ability to design social media posts, You get all the basic (yet effective) tools needed to create a complete brand for your blog — and all this is free.

It is also possible to use the Wix mobile application to control your blog’s content, create new posts, reply to reader comments, and stay in contact with your readers while on the move.

Wix provides a free-forever subscription that is ideal for bloggers who are working on an ongoing passion project. However, the free plan comes with a Wix subdomain (, which isn’t ideal for business users. It’s heavy, cumbersome, and difficult to remember. To get an individual domain, you need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Pay-per-month plans are available starting at $13 per month and come with everything you require to get your blog up and to run. This means you don’t need to fret about purchasing numerous tools or services and connecting them all.

Sign up today to build your blog for free today!

2 #3 WordPress using Bluehost- The Best Blogging Platform to Build a Brand

WordPress is one of the used systems for managing content on the internet. It’s used by thousands of business owners and has well-founded reasons. It’s great for building huge brands. It’s powerful, flexible, and free.

The biggest corporations worldwide manage their websites with WordPress.

At its heart, WordPress is the blogging tool for creators of content. With all the additional features and benefits and the flexibility of applications, it’s still the most used option for bloggers.

We’re using WordPress here to power the blog that you’re reading now.

It’s not the most straightforward platform to master. However, if you are aware that from the beginning you’re looking to build a successful business around your blog, it’s sensible to spend a few days and master the use of it. However it might not be worth the effort if you simply wish to write occasionally or to have enjoyment.

As opposed to other options that we have listed, is self-hosted, meaning you must buy hosting and a domain before installing it.

It might sound like a lot of work since there’s an additional step however it’s actually more simple than you’d think.

To begin for a start, go to This is our number one suggestion for WordPress hosting since it’s cheap, easy to learn, user-friendly, and recommended by the people who created WordPress.

Then the only thing you need to do is sign-up and follow the steps afterward. It’s simple, and Bluehost will walk you through each step in detail so that you don’t have to fret about how to navigate the procedure by yourself.

Bluehost even includes an absolutely free domain name in the initial year in order to ensure that you can keep costs down as you begin your journey.

There are hundreds of premium and free WordPress themes to choose from that make it simple to modify your site to fit the style and feel you want. There are also drag-and-drop plug-ins that you can use to make creating your site more simple.

One of these drag-and-drop creators is included in Bluehost for free. Bluehost has designed its own drag-and drop editor, which makes designing websites easy for beginners.

It is built upon PHP and is able to be customized to meet your website’s requirements, for example, hiring a developer to create an appropriate plugin to suit your company’s needs.

If you’re ready to start your own blog that is brand-named and customised to your unique concept The pairing with WordPress and Bluehost will allow you to continue expanding and creating revenues for many decades to be.

3 – Strikingly — The Best for Creatives

Strikingly is a great platform to build an iron-clad brand with a loyal following…, or simply having fun during your free time.

Designers, artists and digital media creators appreciate the ease of creating blogs and other websites using stunningly. It’s easy to use and turnkey, yet delivers jaw-dropping quality.

Make use of the template-based editor to design a stunning website in just a few minutes with no programming required. There are several clean and elegant templates to work from , and you can then have complete control over changing images including text boxes, buttons, as well as the placement for everything you want to put on your website.

Additionally, they host your website within their platform. This is an incredible benefit for a variety of reasons:

Hosting and a blogging platform in one swoop is a great benefit, as it makes it easier to set up and doesn’t need the user to purchase in separate installments.
The second benefit is that you don’t need to play around with backend servers Find out which one will work most suitable for your blog and other technical issues you don’t want to be tasked with. This lets you have the freedom to focus on the creation of content or showing off your creative work.
This is exactly what creators would like from a platform such as this, the ability to design something stunning and speedily. You can create a website in less than 30 minutes.

Strikingly provides built-in eCommerce ability, which lets you build an online store, connect to payment processing and start making money lightning fast.

It’s important to mention that, as with many free websites, the free Strikingly blog is hosted on an subdomain. To remove this subdomain, you’ll need to change to an upgraded subscription.

These plans comprise:

Limited — $8 per month
Pro — $16 per month
VIP — $49 per month
It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to create huge fans of your blog or to sell your work of art to your visitors with Strikingly, you will be active throughout your blog-building and brand-building process.

4 – Squarespace — The Best Compliment to Your Online Store


As with many well-known website builders, Squarespace has roots in blogging.

It was first launched as a blog hosting service in 2004 Squarespace has since evolved to be one of the most effective websites that can be used for any purpose. You can make your own web-based home just as easily as you establish your company’s name online.

This is what makes Squarespace especially suitable for creating an online blog that functions alongside the online shop. It’s an easy task to market your products and services to readers of your blog without having them quit your blog.

It’s already easy to set up your site. The drag-and-drop editor in Squarespace’s visual interface lets you create gorgeous, vibrant websites and also set up an attractive online store.

After you’ve got your online store up and running using product pages (which may include physical items as well as digital items or even services) You can then utilize Product Blocks to include them on the blog post. It’s as easy as that.

There are plenty of options for customization, with regard to the location of the product block, as well as its design.

It is possible to have your products appear in a separate column within an unbroken blog post, or make use of the product block as an interruption between paragraphs within the blog post.

Within the block you have the option of showing choices such as:

Product images
Name of the product
Product description
The Add To Cart button (the content of the may be changed)
Like many of these services, you can get a cost-free plan you can use to test the waters with Squarespace. It’s quite capable as a stand-alone platform. You can start blogs and even open an online store (with the limitation of products)–but you’ll be restricted in numerous ways.

A Squarespace Commerce plan is well worthwhile for those who are committed to selling your blog. A Business account, that will cost at $18 per month when you pay annually, comes with the complete variety of features needed to offer products and services with no hassle.

Give Squarespace the chance to test it today and discover how it will help you build an attractive, shoppable blog.

5 – Blogger — The Best Free Blogging Platform

Blogger is an early pioneer in the blogging world. The majority of bloggers from the past started using this platform around 20 years ago, when it was launched in 1999.

The best part about Blogger is that it’s useful for anyone who wants to create an online blog. It’s a no-cost platform that removes the risks for newbies to start creating content immediately.

It has all the standard features of a blogging platform: add images, hyperlinks to navigate between posts you’ve already written, and much more. It’s still an extremely basic blogging platform which makes it easy to navigate and write.

One of the most appealing advantages is the possibility to earn money from your blog posts through Google AdSense and get analytics about the number of people who visit your pages through Google Analytics. This means that you can create a blog for free and earn money through it, increasing the amount of money you earn according to the information you gather.

Additionally, you can access customizable templates for websites and can modify your blog without coding required. If you’re looking to get started blogging for free and earn additional cash through Google AdSense, Blogger is the best option to think about.

Methodology For Choosing The Best Blogging Platform
What’s the best blog option for you? It’s dependent on many factors.

Let’s go over all of these elements in greater detail to help you make the right choice according to your requirements.

Are You Building a Brand or Blogging for Fun?
When you start your blog, you’ll would like to explode onto the scene with engaging blog posts that showcase your talents and assists readers. The process of determining what the final outcome will be starts by determining if you’re creating your own brand or simply writing for your own personal blog.

Beginning a blog in order to earn money is quite different from starting one to be your personal journal, surely. There’s nothing wrong with either however the route you select plays a significant influence on which blog platform you choose to use.

To build your brand, it will take significantly more effort than posting on your blog to express your thoughts about a subject you’re interested in. The platform you choose to use will depend on the goal you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re looking to establish a name and earn money from blogging through your blog, you must consider:

Utilize Wix’s drag and drop builder or
Make use of WordPress in conjunction with Bluehost hosting
The biggest challenge that beginners have is simply establishing the appearance and feel of their blog from the beginning. Why should you spend hours learning to personalize your site before you create your first blog post, unless you absolutely need to? Don’t follow the crowd since everyone claims it’s the best way to go.

For instance, the most popular platform blog software is WordPress. It powers 34% of websites that are online, and has the most extensive tools to perform virtually any task you can think of. However, the learning curve can be long and can create confusion for the beginner.

It is essential to dive deep into your experience with WordPress and may need you to seek out assistance in coding, based on what you wish your blog to accomplish.

Writing for yourself On the other hand, blogging for yourself will require you to find an easier method. It’s still possible to use Wix for this as it’s a good choice for beginners and has a variety of templates that will allow you to get your blog up and running in no time. The most striking thing is that it’s not a lot of features, yet lets you share your ideas in just an hour.

What Type of Writer Are You?
This is a crucial subject to consider. If you’re writing for fun and as an addition to your site, the ease of use as well as the experience of writing/publishing and the style of your writing are the main aspects to take into consideration.

You want your experience that you have to enjoy. Once you’ve started you must know the writing space you’re given. Some platforms allow you to write a limited number of characters, limiting your imagination if you’re more than a blogger with a long-form.

It all boils down to a minor variation in the kind of blog posts you’re writing.

For instance, instructional posts are more thorough and need an introduction to the reason you chose to write the article and listicles may be smaller in word count , and can be more clear.

The type of platform you choose to use is crucial about the style you prefer to writing. Are they image- or media-heavy? Does your platform restrict how you can structure your content? Are you able to organize your posts in the way that you’d like to?

For newbies they should be able to grasp these ideas to consider since there are a variety of platforms that have different rules regarding how to create content.

Certain platforms, such as Strikingly and Blogger are very simple and basic in terms of the ways you can personalize your content and layout of your feed.

Another thing to think about is whether you’d like to be credited as the author on your content. Do you wish to be listed as the author or do you require an author’s name or remain completely unnoticed?

Sometimes, you want your blog not to go back to burn you , especially if you have opinionated views on a subject. If you’re an independent person without impact on your everyday life and lifestyle, a pen name feature could be the best option for you. If you’re trying to build your own brand, you’re probably to want your name to be at the top of every blog article.

Let your creativity shine brightly. You just need to know what kind of writer you’d like to become prior to deciding on your writing platform.

Customization Without Coding
The number of blog sites is growing exponentially. being created each day. If you’d like your blog to reflect your personality, then having the capability to personalize your website will bring the greatest value for you.

The process of customizing your blog involves choosing the color scheme you like, posting form forms for collecting emails precisely where you would like to have them and putting your logo and call-to-action buttons exactly in the places which will increase your visitors’ engagement and potential revenue collection just to mention several options.

These platforms are more robust and allow users to integrate tools for business, such as the ability to accept payments for goods, or determine how long visitors stayed on a specific page and the location they clicked.

In our study, we were told frequently by both advanced and beginner users that being unable to modify their blog and web pages to their preferences was the main reason behind changing platforms.

It’s not just that it stifles your creative energy It also entangles you into a similar image to everybody around you. Nobody likes being trapped.

However, with great flexibility comes greater complexity. Making customizations that are granular could require you to understand or understand a bit of code.

Many web builders allow users the ability to create everything you want to do by dropping and dragging elements onto your blog. This way, a custom website is at your fingertips.

As a result you’ll have to spend more time designing and learning to navigate around the interface in order to achieve the perfect result. Sometimes, what appears easy enough may be more difficult to do in a drag and drop visual builder than with the help of code.

A blog that appears identical to everyone else’s is a sign of death. The users want to be involved and stimulated every time they visit. Imagine what it’s like to jump from the typical line of blogs and standing out, leading to a rising readership and more enthusiastic readers who are eager to come back to your blog.

If you’re a novice, it is not necessary to be coding or graphic designer. There are platforms that can make customizing your blog an easy task. However, there are more powerful CMS platforms with themes and templates that can be customized further, giving your website a unique design that exudes individuality.

It is all about your objectives. In any case, you don’t will have to be the same as everyone else.

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